Sparkle Grooming Co., an Arizona-based, dog grooming brand, proudly announces its readiness to franchise. Since bringing its new concept to market last October, the disruptive membership-based QSPC (Quick Service Pet Care), has received extraordinary praise from both two + four legged patrons.

The decision to franchise comes as a result of the brand’s outstanding performance and overwhelming consumer demand for its revolutionary business model. Now ready to unleash this hot new concept, Sparkle’s leadership team sets course for rapid growth in a highly-fragmented segment of the now $150B pet care industry1.

"I believe Sparkle is predestined to succeed," said CEO Ben Crawford. "Safe, quality services that are convenient and don’t break the bank is what the modern pet parent wants – so let’s give it to them.” He continued, “Our standardized operating model and bold unique positioning is ideal for brand awareness and rapid growth through franchising. We believe it will set new standards in the industry for pet parents and groomers alike.”

“Agreed” said COO Joe Aeppli. “The Sparkle brand and business model has been meticulously crafted to exceed expectations, while delivering on the essential grooming needs of our K9 companions.” “With 70% of US households owning at least 1 dog2 and our unwavering commitment to service, innovation, and support, it's reasonable to expect Sparkle to be the one to watch for decades to come."

Sparkle plans to make franchises and limited regional developer opportunities available from coast to coast starting next month. When paw-tnering, franchisees can expect to receive comprehensive training and unrivaled ongoing support from subject matter experts with years of experience in franchising, services at retail, grooming operations, marketing, technology, and well… success.

The 2024 Sparkle Unit FDD is set to include multi-unit + veteran discounts, as well as a rare disclosure of Financial Performance Representations, also known as Item 19.

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1 American Pet Products Association

2 Morgan Stanley: Pet Care Industry Outlook for 2030

About Sparkle Grooming Corp.

Sparkle Grooming Corp. was founded in 2022 with the vision to disrupt the status quo and create a more meaningful grooming experience for all. Today, Sparkle’s wellness-focused dog grooming salons are where routine pet care meets small-box retail, and social service. Our membership-based QSPC (Quick-Service Pet Care) is an essential companion for any dog’s health + well-being.

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